About the Author

Malia Dell

Bringing her worldly experiences to your kitchen

Malia has been exposed to a variety of cultural foods and cities having grown up in Chicago, Vermont, Massachusetts and Honolulu, where she was born. Her idea for this book began with her disapproval of the corporate office lunch culture, which pressures Americans to settle for mostly packaged or canned foods, pulled out of a bag, yanked from a desk drawer, and then microwaved, day in and day out. She saw the cumulative effects it was having on her and every single one of her coworkers. She knew there had to be a way to achieve fresh home-cooked meals from real ingredients Monday through Friday. In an effort to preserve her own health, this eager amateur cook turned to the kitchen.

She quickly came to the conclusion that organized shopping lists, a fridge full of prepared whole foods, and portable meals with minimal cleanup were essential to make homemade meals a reality with her 9 to 5 schedule. Malia began packing her delicious leftovers for lunch. No fail, every day her co-workers sniffed their way through the office and over to her desk. "What you got there? That smells soooo good. YOU made THAT? Can I try it? Oh man! You have to send me that recipe! How do you have time to cook like this?" Malia’s food system sparked curiosity in her co-workers, therefore the idea for Food That Works was born!

Making Food That Works

With a degree in sociology and travel in her blood, she left the corporate world in 2011 to live in the Mediterranean countries of Spain and Turkey to observe how other cultures manage their diets and kitchens. She dissected the barriers that were preventing Americans from cooking for themselves during the hectic workweek. When she returned to the states she put her backpack down in Rockland, Maine, so she could self-publish Food That Works. While writing full-time, her food journey continued as she worked at the farm-to-table restaurant, Primo, and learned from two-time winner of the Best Chef James Beard Award, Chef Melissa Kelly, how to utilize crossover ingredients and run an efficient kitchen with minimum waste. Combining her past experiences, Malia has perfected her methodology and Food That Works has sold over 3,500 copies. While she may not be a professional chef, nutritionist, or scientist, she is a self-taught cook who is living proof that you don't have to be classically trained in order to feed yourself well! You just need a plan. Her passion for food, wellness, and work-life-balance led her to where she is today: a certified wellness coach, fitness instructor, and now a self-published author.
Through Food That Works and her engaging demonstrations at companies nationwide, Malia strives to empower others to thrive in their 9 to 5, and reach their wellness goals.
Malia currently lives in Sarasota, Florida and speaks at universities, businesses, gyms, private parties and more. In her free time, you can find Malia cooking, researching food, drinking copious amounts of tea, teaching latin dancing, creating art, and pursuing her gypsy travels at every possible chance. Feel free to get in touch with her at malia@foodthatworks.info