You need a realistic plan for the week.

Here is how.


Food That Works has five weekly menus, labeled by colors.
Pick a menu for the week that sounds appealing to you, and you will no longer question, "What can we have for dinner tonight?"

Shopping Lists

Each menu has a corresponding shopping list, carefully calculated so that every ingredient you buy, gets utilized in the recipes that week. These organized shopping lists teach you to be a smarter shopper by reading and comparing ingredient labels and get you out of the store fast. Get home, put your groceries away, it's time to bang out some prep!

Prep Work

If you want to eat better, feel better, look better, this is the most crucial habit to develop - PREP! Dedicate 1 hour to weekend prep work, and you will more likely use up all that beautiful food you just bought. Prep work is essential to eating healthy on the fly. It is how restaurants do it, and you can do it too. You will learn to multi-task efficiently in the kitchen, which will maximize your time, because you won’t need to get out the cutting board again during the week.


There are over 60 nutrient-rich recipes for beginner cooks in Food That Works designed to help you use up your groceries. These recipes re-create the meals you know and love, homemade, and with a healthy twist! After shopping and prepping from Food That Works, your fridge will be turned into the ultimate grab-n-go, fast fridge, full of chopped whole foods and mouthwatering leftovers ready to slam together, BOOM, into portable meals.

Conscious Consumerism

Food waste is unacceptable. You are raising consciousness here, starting in your own fridge. That is why every ingredient you are asked to buy on the shopping list, gets tucked somewhere into the recipes for that week. NO WASTE! You will learn how to keep inventory of what's in your fridge, know what meals you can make from the ingredients you have, and master how to use it all up before it goes bad.

Surround yourself with the foods you love, and EAT THEM!